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The Kneelvan Selfdriver Wheelchair Van conversion takes everything you love about the Handicap Accessible Kneelvan - the versatile rear-entry wheelchair van design, automatic remote entry and wheelchair ramp, and kneeling system - and adds an innovative powered transfer seat. Simply wheel your chair up the wheelchair ramp, transfer over into the comfortable transfer seat, and use the controls on the side of the seat to slide up into the vans driver position. It's just that easy. The Kneelvan Selfdriver wheelchair and handicapped accessible van conversion - just another way FMI brings you the best in accessible van and vehicle mobility freedom every day.

Kneelvan's Auto-Entry system brings you the ultimate in wheelchair and handicapped accessible van and vehicle convenience. Simply press the button and the vans rear hatch opens, the wheelchair ramp folds down, and the entire van "kneels" to the ground. This decreases the incline of the ramp, and is the key to the Kneelvan's lowered-floor design - since the van raises back up when you're ready to go, you don't lose any of the vans ground clearance. The Kneelvan Auto-Entry system is simply the best wheelchair and handicap accessible mobility solution available in a vehicle today.

Kneelvan's popular Manual Entry system gives you the same dependability and quality you expect, without the extra costs of the more elaborate wheelchair and handicap accessible Auto-Entry van systems. And the vans manual wheelchair ramp system is easy and effortless to use - simply open the rear hatch and lower the spring-assisted ramp to the ground and you're ready to enter. What's more, every van with a manual-entry ramp system comes standard with our bi-fold wheelchair and scooter ramp, which is longer than the standard single-fold ramp - decreasing the incline, making it even easier to enter. You can even have a triple-fold wheelchair ramp installed on your Kneelvan, which folds back into the vehicle's lowered-floor area, allowing you easier access to the cargo space and an alternative to a wheelchair lift. In fact, the Manual Entry system in our accessible vans is so dependable and easy-to-use that many of them have found homes in the hectic and often brutal environment of the commercial and taxi van industries - once again proving Kneelvan's superiority in quality and wheelchair and handicap van accessibility.

Conversion Options

  1. Passenger Manual
    • 60" Half Lowered Floor
    • 90" Half Lowered Floor
  2. Passenger Auto-Entry
    • 60" Half Lowered Floor
    • 90" Half Lowered Floor
  3. Self Driver ( Always Full Lowered Floor)

First Row Seating Options
  1. Power Transfer Seat
    • Driver
    • Passenger
  2. Vinyl Transfer Seat Cover
    • Driver
    • Passenger

Middle Row Seating Options
  1. Bucket Seats ( not on same side as transfer seat )
    • Driver
    • Passenger
    • Armrest
    • Leather
  2. Quad Seat Remounts ( Only on equipped chassis )
    • Driver
    • Passenger
  3. Middle Bench Remount
    • Leather

Back Row Seating Options
  1. Fold Down Bench ( 2 Passenger )
    • Leather

Other Options
  1. ADA Height Entry ( 56” opening )
  2. Hand Controls
  3. Commercial Grade Flooring in Lowered Floor Area
  4. Tie Down Upgrade
    • Retractables
    • Electric
  5. Extra Remote Control
  6. Spinner Knob

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